SSHMeIn offers the following features :

  • AJAX Web 2.0 interface
  • AJAX event alerts
  • Active tunnel notification zone
  • Multiple visual themes using jQuery-UI and Themeroller
  • Live editing of tunnel parameters
  • Option to set the computer IP address originating from the tunnel
  • All | Open | Closed tunnel filters
  • Computers can be organized into groups for ease of use
  • Active tunnels numbered by groups
  • Increased security via unique key for each computer
  • Description field for each group
  • Date and hour of last verification by remote computer
  • Tunnel status from last verification by remote computer
  • Grouped computer recursive deletion
  • Icon indicating the tunnel status for each computer
  • Personalized installation scripts downloadable for each computer
  • Configuration script for SSH access to gateway without password
  • Web service that allows indication to a remote computer to open the configured tunnel according to the parameters

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